clear!…KA-CHUNK….we have normal sinus rhythm…

I was toying with starting another blog, when I decided instead to try to revive this one.  I thought, “Nobody really reads this so it’s all about me.”   Since it’s a blog mostly oriented towards my running and physical fitness (HA!), I’ll stick to that for this post.

So, I was looking back at where this whole running thing started.  I wouldn’t really call it an obsession (my wife might beg to differ), but I am pretty enamored by it and I continue to do a fair amount of it.  Anyway, I started running in 2010 as part of a plan to lose weight.  Long story short, worked like a charm.  I dropped almost 75 pounds from June to January.

As the years have gone on, I’ve sadly put a large chunk of that weight back on.  Headline:  Guy runs 3 miles a day, eats like he ran 20!  Film at 11.  And that’s really what I did.  I told myself that I’m doing a long run tomorrow, did one today, plan on one next week so I can eat whatever I want.  Part of the problem, and by no means am I putting the blame anywhere but squarely on my shoulders, was that I was doing a lot of travelling for work.  That led to an unholy number of trips to McDonald’s and other fast food joints where bad decisions were made.

So, my clothes have gotten tighter, my stomach has started bulging more and more, my running has gotten slower and my overall health has gotten worse.  I can only imagine the damage I’m doing trying to actually run sub-10 minute miles as I’m pounding my joints and feet over and over with all the extra weight.  Oh, and my thighs are really rubbing together.

Through this time, I’ve run 7 marathons, numerous half marathons, a Ragnar relay and just completed the Dopey Challenge (worthy of its own post).  All of this while slowly, but steadily putting weight on.  In the past two years, I’ve run over 2,000 miles.  I’ve gone through 3 or 4 pairs of running shoes and, according to my fitbit, I’ve walked/run over 6 million steps in the last year alone.

At this point, you’re probably asking yourself, “So what is this guy going to do about this?”  Glad you asked.  I’ve started counting my calories again.  This is probably the biggest part of my past success.  Measure and weigh when necessary, log everything, and make sure that I’m getting plenty of fruits and vegetables (the word ‘plenty’ is very subjective in my case).  For me (your results may vary), it really is all about calories in vs. calories out.  It’s about eating at a deficit.  Which is pretty cool.  If I have the calories left at the end of the day, I’ll have an ice cream cup (portion control is everything).

My goal weight is 190.  As I (hopefully) get closer to this goal, I may reevaluate it.  I need to get it so my weight starts with a 1, no matter what my final is.  So, <gulp> that means I have to lose 57.4 pounds at this point.  Yup, math is hard, but not that hard.   I wasn’t that low before, I got just to above 200.  I wish I could be more accurate, but I can’t honestly remember and we got a new scale that is more accurate – the other one was weighing me lighter than I was.  So, according to the old scale, my starting weight was 275, but that was at least 5 pounds lighter than reality.  I believe my lightest weight on that scale was about 205, so it was probably more like 210.  Which means I’ve put on 2/3 of what I lost.

So, 190 is the goal but I have a shorter term mark to hit.  I’m hoping for 210 by May 1st.  That will be about 5 weeks before the next race I’ve signed up for – the Nautical 10 Miler.   If I’m less than that for that race, that will put me about 35 pounds lighter than the last time I ran it.  It took me almost 1 hour, 58 minutes to do 11.5 miles.  I plan to smoke that this year.  This will be my fourth time running it and my best time so far is 1:43:18 – just under 9 miles/hr pace.  I haven’t seen that kind of pace in a long time.

Anyway, that’s enough rambling for today.