Yesterday, I did 13.1 miles (I hesitate to call it a half marathon because you might think I ran an organized race.  I also hesitate to use the term “ran”).  I have mixed emotions about it.  The first 7 1/2 miles went pretty well.  I could tell I was getting tired, but if I was only running 8 miles, I could have finished strong.  Problem was, I still had 5 1/2 miles to go.  Things fell apart very quickly at that point.  I slogged through the rest of the mileage.  So, good, did a solid amount of miles with a pretty good time.  Good, ended up with 13 miles for the day.  Good, burned lots of calories.  But, bad, did 5 miles in about 75 minutes (maybe a bit less, but you get the point).  

I’m not sure why I crashed so badly.  I will say that I didn’t plan on doing that much a few days ago.  My friend and running partner, Brian, is getting ready for a 50K race in September and is trying to push his mileage up and asked me if I was interested in doing this run with him.  I agreed (because I’m dumb that way) not really knowing how my calorie deficit from this week would affect me.  I think it’s part of what did me in.  

It’s a tough balance – I still have a lot of weight to shed before my fall/winter races.  But, losing a lot of weight pretty quickly doesn’t work well with long distance running.  Sure, you can go out and do 3 or 4 miles and not notice much, but I think I don’t have the glycogen reserves to power through the long runs.  Most running coaches will tell you not to worry about losing weight when you’re training for long distances and many runners will see their weight increase during this time.

Well, hell, that won’t work for me.  So, it’s pretty obvious that I need to cut that crap out.  For now.  My plan at this point is to give myself 100 days to get to my Disney goal weight.  This is not to be confused with my overall goal weight, but it will get me to a point where I feel I’ll be able to meet this racing challenge.  100 days from July 14 is October 21.  During that time, I most likely will not run anything over half marathon distance.  This will do two things for me – allow me to concentrate on shedding tonnage and do some sort of exercise every day.  My hope is that, as I get close to that goal weight, I’ll be able to run faster, further.  So, daily runs will become longer, recovery time will get better and I’ll get stronger.  Should make ramping up my mileage pretty easy.  I’ll have a good strong foundation to build on and I won’t have to worry about my weight.

For the next, now 94 days, I plan on running most of them.  I want to do some other stuff as well – mainly lifting weights and that may end up causing rest days.  Working muscle groups above the waist won’t, but trips to the gym that include lunges and squats might.  

I’m pretty psyched that I’m off to a really good start and tomorrow I’ll give a recap of my first week.  One week does not a lifetime make, though.  And my ultimate goal is to lose the weight and then work to keep it off.