So, my company is doing a Fitbit Challenge.  We’re a small company – 27 people at this point.  The goal is to get 50 million steps as a group between February 1 and November 30.  We’re crushing it.  Well some of us are.  As of June 30, we’re just shy of 38 million steps.  There are a few people that are carrying the group, including yours truly.  I’m in second place at this point.  I’ll catch Leigh before the competition ends.  Although, she runs a lot (and runs faster than me).  Between the two of us, we’re responsible for 15% of the total .  The top 5 account for 1/3 of the total.  

It’s funny because as a group, most of the company is fairly fit.  There are men and women that are much closer to their ideal weight than me and I know that some of them look at me and wonder how is this fat guy getting so many steps.  I try to explain that, despite the fact that I don’t “look like a runner”, I do average about 22-23 miles week, I walk the dogs 4 times a day, almost every day and I’m pretty active some days between cooking and running errands.  There are definitely days where I don’t get quite as many steps – still walk the dogs, but other than that not much.  But, taking care of those three mutts is definitely part of my ‘active lifestyle’.

2013-09-14 11.05.09

There they are, in all their glory.  

I think this challenge has helped to keep me motivated through the dark times.  And by dark times, I mean the days where half a pound of M&M’s and a fast food lunch were par for the course.  And, I was pretty sure that I’d end up at least in the top 5, if not the top 3.  Now, 1 is in my sights.  After last month, I was 54,000 steps behind.  As of this post, I’m just over 20,000 steps back.  I hope to get a bit closer before the end of the month and keep chipping away over the last 4 of the competition.  Jeff, our Fearless Leader, is a big runner and very fit and this was his idea.  I think the prize will be pretty good and I’ll take that and the bragging rights!

And, by the time we go to our holiday party, I’ll be in much better shape and feel worthy of claiming the top prize.