Not a whole lot to report as of this morning.  I’ve dropped 4 pounds this week, so that’s good.  I’m still sore from Tuesday evening’s trip to the gym. Ran this morning – wasn’t pretty.  A bit slower.  I think yesterday’s run and the soreness from the gym really affected me today. Not sure I’ll make it there tonight, but I need to find something to do.  And, tomorrow is a scheduled off day so I’m not worried about overdoing it today.

Pretty excited about my success this week.  We went out to dinner last night but I was able to find something to eat – yeah, a filet mignon is really suffering.  Dinners out can be tough because, well, I want everything on the menu.  If I had planned a bit better yesterday, I could have enjoyed the larger filet and had a ceasar salad as well.  But, so it goes.  It was a last minute decision to go out.  Anyway, had a good time so that’s what matters the most.

That’s all for now…