4:10 am  Beep, beep, beep….grumble grumble

4:11 am  Ok, I’m up.  I throw on my running clothes and rouse the dogs for their early morning walk.  Rocky, our newest addition is always ready to go.  Missy, our smaller and more frenetic dog is running around not sure whether she should follow Rocky and I out to the living room or stay with Jessie, our 7-year old.  5 minutes later, with my shoes on, headphones in and requisite ‘poop bags’, I go back to get her and we head out.  

This is our morning routine,  Every morning that I’m home, the 4 of us take a 20 to 30 minute walk around the neighborhood.  Rain, ice, snow, 80 degree 1000% humidity – whatever.  Many mornings, it can be 4:30 or later before we actually leave the house (Jessie is not a morning dog and it sometimes takes some serious effort on my part to get her out of the bed.

5:15 am  After walking them, drinking some water (it’s already hot and humid out), a bio break and a change of headphones, I head out for my morning run.  Today, it’s just 30 minutes but my goal is to maintain a sub-10 minute/mile pace.  I’ll talk about my ever changing race goals later on, but for today, I really just want to have a good run after a weekend of ‘meh’ ones.

5:55 am  Back home.  Good Lord I’m sweating.  I did what I wanted for my run – managed a 9:37 average so I’m pretty stoked about that.  

6:15 am Ok, I’m cooled down a bit.  After some (lots) of water and getting my wife’s coffee ready, I’m getting ready to do some crunches.  First day of doing these in a long time so I’m not going to kill myself.  

6:20 am  Damn, 4 sets of 10 and I’m tired.  I’ll keep working on that, as I will my running.  Gots lots to do to get ready for this winter’s races.

7:00 am  A much cleaner version of me hits the kitchen for more water and a protein shake.  Now it’s time to get working on a new blog I’ve been thinking about doing and start to get the message out about my fund raising.   I’ve done nothing on that and I have to raise $2500 in the next 5 months.

….and that pretty much catches us up.